NINJA Vampire Story (Digest)

400 years ago from now, a new Shogunatge started to put an end to the long-last Sengoku Age. At that time, Date Masamune, one of quite powerful local lords, decided to send his 300 Christian retainers to Spain and Italy.

Ostensively, the mission was to promote friendship with Christian countries. The real purpose, however, was to send an emissary secretly to the King of Spain to invite him to a joint operation to defeat the new Shogunatge with the formidable Spanish navy and to finally secure the dominating power in Japan.

A NINJA group belonged to Masamune family, called Kurohabaki, was selected for that mission. At that age, in Europe, vampires were studying the way to confront many people coming from Far Eastern countries in order to missionary Christianity. They could not afford to overlook the expansion of their foe Christianity.

Then, vampires started attacking the friendship mission from Japan.
Seven NINJA determinedly stood up to rescue the mission. As the result, the mission was saved but NINJA all were killed in the middle of the battle in spite of their best trial. A Buddhist priest Seijun, one of mission members, heard about vampires sealed dead NINJA not to resurrect. He himself remained in Spain after making him secularized.

Now today. A construction work taken place at the very area where NINJA were buried unintentionally broke Seijun’s seal. NINJA resurrected nowadays. Blood thirsty NINJA attached nearby churches. They were vampire but never afraid of and immune from crosses, garlic, holy water which traditional vampires disparately avoided. Why? Because they were the first Buddhist vampires in the world.

Only Seijun knew how to defeat NINJA vampires. His Spanish descendent, Erica, hit the road to discover the way to fight with and defeat them with some clues found in a document left by Seijun.

On her way, she met Bianca, an Italian who was a descendent of Louis Sotero who served the Japanese Friendship Mission as a guide, was very famous vampire hunter. Both of them were destined to fight with traditional vampires and NINJA vampires.

NINJA vampires fiercely hate traditional vampires. Once the queen of traditional vampires falls, NINJA vampires will be completely released from hideous curse. NINJA vampires assault traditional vampires by sucking human blood.
This is the start of the vampire story which nobody has ever heard.




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